Friday, 16 September 2011

Folksy Friday

It seems ages since a did one of these, oh wait it explains it. I was going to go through my list of already favourited items in Folksy but I realised I couldn't tell which I'd used for a previous post..I'm still saving all those favourites. I realised that Christmas is not so very far away and if you are ordering things by post then you should already be thingking about these things..sigh, sorry to depress with the awful word but many wonderful and varied gifts can be yours for the taking from all the lovely talented Folksy folk. To find this weeks picks I've used the theme of mist as that was a theme in my new scarf that I posted today. I remember someone commenting on one of the forums about how strange the Folksy search engine was, and I noticed it again today, the last two itmes in my selection seem to have nothing to do with the word mist whatsover! Its very puzzeling why they came up in my search but nonetheless they are both interesting items so I've included them.

So on to item 1

This beautiful pendant matches my theme and colours perfectly and what a lovely name for a stone, chalcedony, just try saying it, it conjurers up lovely thoughts of romance and mystery. Please view it here

Item number 2 is also some jewellery, this time misty rose quartz, said to help with love and we all need a bit of that now and again. Click here for the site.

Now onto an actual image of a misty winters day, perfectly captured by Storm the Keep. Please click on the name to go to the site.

This next item is a gorgeous blouse, hand made and customizable, please click here to see the site.
And, last but not least, a truly delicious sounding body scrub. They've made it sound so yummy that I think I would want to eat it not wash with it..

Please visit all these lovely Folksy folk and don't forget...even now I can hear the far off tinkling of bells..oh wait that's my really annoying wind The body scrum can be found here