Friday, 25 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Lace

Since I'm crocheting a lace wedding shawl I thought I would search in Folksy for lace. I found a plethora of gorgeous things so here are some of them.

Here is the first and perhaps the most traditional use of lace although not in a traditional way. A beautiful dress that would be just right for a summer picnic on the lawn of an English stately home. Simply stunning...I tried last time to make the pics the links but instead I got rather untidy writing under the photos...sometimes I really hate Blogger..anyway hopefully you can click here to see this site.

On to jewellery, well how long can I go without browsing jewellery!..

This amazing bangle is made by trapping lace in resin, there is some lovely resin jewellery out there and this is such a great it. Please go to the site here

And just to keep the theme going is a beautiful pair of earrings..

I would love to know how they are made, they look stunning and would certainly be a lovely thing to wear on St Patrick's day. Please visit the site here

Now on to something completely different, (ed, did I already use that link?..)

This gorgeous bowl is in porcelain one of the most beautiful clays to use. It allows you to make delicate though still strong details such as the lace rim of this classy bowl..make a lovely wedding present...but more of that in my next blog. Please visit the site here.

What can I say about this lovely scarf. I adore knitted lace, I can't do it myself which makes me yearn after it all the more. Crochet lace is good but I actually prefer the look of knitted lace...go figure. Beautifully photographed as well with the complimentary colour background..see getting technical You can see the site here.

And, last but not least this charming bag made of lace and animal print, also decorated with flowers, buttons and sequins it looks lovely inside as well so check it out here to see all the photos...

TTFN hope to manage another blog next week but who knows I might be flooded with sick kids, the latter is the more likely option as we wait for the work cold to strike us down.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

I've been featured in a Magazine

Yay, here it is the exciting news I promised on Face Book. This is a page from the February issue of Inside Crochet the UK's only monthly crochet magazine. In my naivety I thought that when the mag came out I would be deluged with orders. I managed to stop myself ordering huge quantities of this yarn! Good thing too.

I was contacted in October by someone from this magazine saying they would be featuring my kit in the January issue which came out in December. I sent them a kit, then in December I got another email asking me for a photo of the gloves, (the one featured here). I was given another email address to write to and ask for a copy of the mag, which I did of course. So I sat back and waited for my mag and waited for the orders to roll in....

....Cue February, and still I had heard nothing. I emailed my first contact but heard nothing. Then I phoned the company and found out that my first contact didn't work there anymore. They gave me the email address of the woman who was doing her job. All this time I thought they had decided not to feature my kit, that's why I took so long to re contact them. I didn't want to hear bad news. Anyway as soon as I contacted this person I got an email back with good news. I had been featured and she would send me a copy of the magazine and my kit back. They also said they would include a link to my site on a new website they were setting up.

And here is the feature, it looks great and I'm thrilled in be in print. Thank you Inside Crochet..great mag by the way, I think I will subscribe to it.  But...and here's the big but, I never did get that rush of orders..I made two sales, one a kit and one of a pattern. I thought those were just random sales and that the rush was still to come...ah well, I guess its just one more thing I've learnt. By the way, if you add postage and the fact that I still haven't had my kit back then I made a net loss from this effort. Its still good to see my work in print...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Purple Hearts

Yes its that time again and as Valentine's day approaches what could be more seasonal than hearts, yes I know that its probably too late to buy your cards and presents but I found these little gems when shopping for a card for him indoors. And since I prefer purple to red I had to make it purple hearts....and my dad had one of those, the real one.
So without further ado on with the picks.

 So here is a card, the first thing you should think about for your valentine...I love the original personalisation on this one and of course the colour...oh and the overall look...See the site here

Now on to some jewellery another typical gift, still very welcome.

This lovely bracelet which can be seen here would match my new necklace which I received as a birthday present from the in-laws. I already have some earrings from Etsy so the bracelet would make the

So moving swiftly on...
This gorgeous and original card would certainly show your love and this new seller needs your love. So come and see all her makes here

Now for something completely different.

I've never seen or heard of anything like this. It really is new, a charming idea and a sweet execution. Great shade of purple too. See it in more detail here

And here is some more jewellery....well everyone knows that a girl can't have too much jewellery....

These sparkling earrings feature a bead of a stone that I've never heard of before, dragon vein agate. Its beautiful and I may not be able to resist buying this one. I may have to stop doing Folksy Friday its getting too I made a new years resolution not to buy any new clothes till the instead I've started buying jewellery, and I never used to buy jewellery! Visit the site here and buy them so I won't be able to

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wedding Shawl

Well here it is the yarn for the wedding catch up. Last summer I bought a copy of Interweave Crochet. In it I saw a lovely lace shawl and thought ummm I'd like to make that, then put it to the back of my mind. Jumpt to last month when I overheard one of my work colleagues saying she didn't have a shawl for her wedding dress...yes you can see where this is heading. Up I jump and volunteer to make this. I've got till June, I've hardly ever worked lace, I don't even know if I can use such a small hook 1.75.

Well I've bought the yarn which cost £42!!! well at least she is paying for is the yarn and a tension sample. This turned out to be too small so I'm now doing one with a 2.5 hook but now a post on my Crochet Me newsletter has made me really worried. Basically it showed how much you stretch out lace when you block it. So do I have to block and stretch my tension samples when I measure them, if so then it might be that my tension samples are all wrong and that maybe the one using the suggested hook size is the right one once its been blocked. Please can anybody advise me on this?

Any helpful comments greatly appreciated.....thanks in advance