Friday, 16 October 2009

Missing Bag

Here is a picture of a painting, what you may say has this to do with crochet, well here's the thing, I was returning tired but feeling like I had done a good evenings work, from my crochet class. With me I had my bag from the RA featuring a painting similar to this one, in it were almost all my crochet hooks, my old and much loved pencil case full of bits and bobs, tape measures, darning needles etc, and a ball of yarn that I got for £10 from the Knit and Stitch show. I had spent the evening carefully unwinding and rewinding this ball because I had wound it too tight from it's original skein. What do you know, I left the bag on the bus...

I phoned the bus garage the next morning but no luck, the bag was gone for good. I am heart-broken. Also my almost full sketch book was in the bag, that's like losing a diary or an album.

Ah well I went and spent too much money getting some more hooks and expensive yarn and now I feel back on course for the craft fair.

I enjoyed the Knit and Stitch show which I went to with my daughter, spent too much but saw lots of lovely things and came back inspired.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Central Park Hoody

Yes I am now joining the ranks of 15yr old trouble makers, with my most ambitious knitting project yet. I hoped to make it in time to wear for the autumn but it already feels too cold and I'm thinking of winter coats, scarfs and gloves. Still I'm very proud of this and pleased with myself for finishing it in what for me was a record time. From August 21st when I bought the yarn and started knitting swatches, to October 5th. Hard to really visualise the need for it in August and already past it's prime, ah well. NOW there is no excuse not to get on with the stuff for the craft fair....oh no work!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

First Look

This is the beret I have been working on, just finished it, luckily with yarn to spare!

This is the first look, I will be posting it on Etsy soon, I think. See it was going to be a set, gloves, scarf and hat..Ah well, perhaps no one likes sets anyway.

No Knitter Knatter this week, sorry about that, we are a bit short staffed and we have a big do on so it's all hands to the pump.

Things on the craft fair front are going well. I have seen some lovely stuff and emailed some really nice people. I can't wait to meet them all and establish some more crafty connections.

I have a business fan page on Facebook now, this is the link. If you would be my fan.

Shooz, I need to contact you viz a viz the craft fair, please go to my folksy or etsy site and send me a message. Or read my comment on the same post that you commented on. Err I hope that makes sense.