Wednesday, 28 July 2010

To list or not to list

A quiz of sorts, well more of an online poll. I have this bag which has taken me a lot of work to make, partly because I had to correct, not so much a fault as an unexpected side effect of the felting process, I am still learning. Anyway to cut a long story short after so much work and so much expensive pure new wool I'm not sure whether to put it up for sale or not. My daughter said, 'you can't sell it, you would have to charge too much.' I think she may be right. It's almost too nice to part with as well since I really love it. Mind you I don't need more bags, so I guess that leaves saving it for a Christmas/birthday present for someone I really love/like.

Anyway here is the aforementioned object, or at least my attempts to take 'better' photos of the bag, so any thoughts on whether to list it or not and what if anything to charge for it. All comments gratefully received.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Folksy Friday

Yes I nearly got this out on Friday...I started it at two mins to midnight..

This time I went for the theme of...wait for it...Purple...ha, ha, ha. Some people on Folksy forums have been noting that Folksy's search engine leaves something to be desired and why does it throw up random things that seem to have no relation to what you asked it to search for. Well just out of interest I went right to the last pages of my search and yes the things there were not purple at all, nor did they use the word in the title or in the keywords, but...I read through one description and came across the word purple. So Folksy's search engine must just track down every mention of the search criteria. So to start this eclectic bunch off here is one from page 478 ish of my purple search..I just liked it..

This little beauty can be found here

And now for something actually purple although what attracted me to it was nothing to do with it's colour. I know it sounds weird but on the thumbnails this bracelet looks like how I imagine the aliens in Host look like, don't worry they are meant to be

If you want to know more about this glittery Jewell then just look here

Now enough of jewellery even if  a girl can't have too much jewellery I should highlight some other media. So here is another of my favourite things, buttons. Who can resist buttons? my daughter loves to collect them and make dolls and monsters featuring them, and I like to use special ones in my work. And here are the most amazing buttons I've seen in a long time. My daughter actually has a silver and enamel charm of one of these...I'm sure she'd love these buttons.

Now I'm feeling a bit peckish and I can't eat pottery sweets so this next item is even more frustrating, just to show that you can't keep a good theme down here is a purple cupcake, of course.

And last but not least back to my own preferred craft, well it's not crochet but this shawl was too beautiful to leave out.

Look for it here

Hope you enjoy my little selection and hopefully I should be posting some of my latest projects soon.