Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Crochet time

Its about time I posted some crochet pics. I think that was what this blog was supposed to be about...lol..

And some news and even some musings. First here's some sneaky pics of the dress I made for the daughter of a friend. Its the first actual garment that I designed and made. I hope it fits, she hasn't actually tried it on. That's why I haven't listed it. Also I would like some pics of the girl wearing it, how else to display it?... I don't want to invest in childs dummy, and its probably too heavy to hang and photo...

 This dress is worked totally in the round and uses Rowan 4ply pure wool and Rowan Kid Silk Haze. It really looks gorgeous at the moment, just hope it fits and without too many adjustments. I'll keep everyone posted as to its progress. Eventually I intend to list it as a custom item and offer the pattern for sale as well. May take a long time.


I'm working towards offering learn crochet workshops, I've written a pattern for a granny square and Hubby's taken the pics so that I can add them. Then I need to book some room at work and do a trial run. Once I know how easy/hard it is, how long it takes to teach to  x many people, and have some nice looking pics of a workshop in progress then i can move to the next phase. After that I want to approach knitting shops in my area and offer them the workshop. I really did think that there was a gap in the market. Shops near me offer expensive workshops or courses in knitting but in crochet they only ever offer beginners crochet and I think a granny square is easier to learn than back and forth crochet and also gives yous something finished to take home. After that I would work on more advanced workshops, either more things to do with granny squares ie mittens, cushions, etc, and/or my kits as workshops. As I said I did think that till I got a revised list from my nearest shop with all the crochet workshops dropped!!!! Does that mean no one was interested in learning crochet or that they had no one to do it. I'm afraid to ask... I will also offer one to one tuition, need to make some adverts to put up locally. Anyway if anyone has any thoughts on these ideas please leave a comment.  TTFN and catch you all later.