Sunday, 20 June 2010

Folksy Friday, well I know it's Sunday...

OK I know it's too tired on Friday and Sunday but really wanted to do one this without further ado.

 Here is the first of my cake themed collection, probably because I am trying to do my accounts and I am bored and my thoughts turn to cake, but to save calories I thought I would collect calorie free options...This one is from Wooly Duck (Great name!) and can be seen here

These are from Funky Fragrances. They are melts that you put in a burner and then give off a lovely scent the list of scents sounds lucious. Smell them here

These beauties can be put on your wall so you are always reminded of cake...Ahh so much temptation..View them here

And if you're away from home but never wanted to be parted from cake, you can buy this absolutely gorgeous ring here from Cream Teas Jewellery

Finally back to my favourite material, yarn with this fantastic knitted tea set, serve it at your next gathering..(after everyone looks perplexed you can serve real cake, or just save it for yourself!!), click on the picture for the link.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Flying Teapot...

Yes really, this is going to be a teapot. I'm posting it here now because frankly I seem to have lost my mojo. I just don't feel like crocheting or knitting. I guess its summer but I think it's more than that,,..need some inspiration. It's not like I haven't got lots of projects to be getting on with. I just don't have any enthusiasm for them...

Any ideas..

Anyway this was one of my projects so I thought if I posted it here perhaps I would have to actually finish it, I haven't even picked it up for about a week. At least I went to my monthly knitting circle which was good, still not hugely inspired but at least I had a nice evening.

For those of you who know this will be a Gong flying teapot, for those of you who don' it. I am making it up as I go along, so any ideas on how to crochet a propeller gratefully 


Had my mum over for a few days, she's just come back from a trip to the states and now she's talking about moving to Oregon...!! Apparently because it has the best bookshop in the world..Is that any reason to move half-way round the world?  I suppose to her it would almost be like going home. I notice she doesn't want to move back to Idaho.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Thought I'd share a bit more of my work. This WIP is the knitted all in one cardigan that I posted just after Christmas. Not done much on it, I've been busy crocheting for craft fairs and websites, but since I'm not selling anything I thought I may as well try to finish this.

As you can see I have now split for the armholes, and Instead of using 3 balls for each colour I have carried the yarn across the gap, leaving a long bit, which I will then cut and weave in, I've invented something!! Well it's probably been invented before but I hadn't come accross it. Got to go now to Kids Club where we are icing biscuits and eating pancakes (damn, no toast, I was looking forward to my afternoon toast!)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

And the winner is......

Yes the winner of this prize draw picked out by daughter number one is Beaky if you're out there reading this please get in touch with your address so I can send you your scarf...

So, I'm sitting here trying to do my accounts..again..I've got as far as October, numbering and entering every receipt and payment into an Excel sheet..It's so boring..last time I had to do this I asked for nice comments to cheer me up and got loads so please, same again..

And just to have something to comment on here is some of my work for a

Listed these on Etsy and Folksy so go and check them out folks along with some more wristlets in yellow and orange

Now I've got to go and cook dinner, chili con carne and chili non carne. Oh and just tacos and rice and cheese for the fussy one!

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Thank you everybody for pitching me up to 50 followers...I will get to work on that giveaway as soon as I can.  Meanwhile here's another of my fellow crafters from the craftshow as a featured Etsy seller.

These adorable critters are tardigrades and you will have to visit this Etsy shop to learn more about them.

Friday, 4 June 2010

And now for those folks awake on the other side of the pond

I managed to track down another of my fellow stall holders. Also thanks to Irina I have the contact details for some others. My friends, they may call it a movement...

Anyway this is she, and she makes some lovely weird and wonderful stuff which you can find here

 And,,,almost up to my 50 fans!!!! yay so this lovely scarf will soon be wending it's way to someone. I will print all of the names of people who have posted  since I announced this giveaway and then get one of my girls to pick a this space

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Craft Fair

Back from the craft fair. It wasn't that good, no one came and I only sold to the other stall holders! Despite that I came back full of hope and enthusiasm having met lots of lovely crafters. I was going to post some of their links here but I've gone and lost the business cards I saved. I've been having one of those days. The weather is lovley and sunny and I really don't want to be on the computer but I really must do some of this.

I have one link I've managed to rescue. This lovely lady had the stall next to me. She is selling hand dyed and printed scarfs, they are very nice and I really should have bought one, especially since they were cheaper on the stall, but still a good price here on folksy.

Also I would like to mention some of the other stall holders I didn't manage to get business cards from. The woman selling beautiful hand made dresses and cosmetics. She was my biggest fan and bought three things from me. If you took my business card then please get in touch. I bought two pairs of earrings from a couple selling dichloric glass jewellery but  I don't have a link from then either. Craft fair tip here, give every customer a business card, I forget as well. I still enjoy craft fairs and if anyone knows of any coming up near me then please let me know.

Watch this space for a revamped Etsy and Folksy. Something has gone wrong with my Etsy shop and this has stopped me listing stuff. As a result any contacts I might have made at the craft fair will be for nought if they go to look at my shop....nothing there.