Sunday, 5 July 2009

Crocheting in the garden

Hello anybody out there and welcome to my first post on my first blog. At least....some years ago I started one while bored at work but could never find it again to add to it.

Its been really really hot here in London, too hot to crochet you might think. It certainly is too hot to crochet the two blankets I am making for my daughters. But...I've discovered the joy of sitting in my garden in the evening and crocheting a bag I am making for a work colleague. We have a tiny garden in a council estate in inner London and while it is not exactly quiet at least I get away for a bit from the kids and husband all inexplicably ensconced in the over heated living room watching telly or computerising. Also we are the only people on this bit of the estate who use their back garden (really front garden but that's another long story) so all the barbequeing, playing music, kids playing etc is that little bit removed and it was remarkably peaceful, I even think I heard some bats flying over.

I stayed out till it was too dark to see my stitches and felt really tranquil and ready to face the family.

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