Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Here are two pics of my first post Christmas project. I bought this yarn from a follower who ended up with a stall at the Sally Army Christmas Fair. Its a lovely hand dyed yarn that she makes in her own studio. The colour is much nicer than my two indoor pictures show. I know all projects should be photographed outside but at the moment in London we seem to have about 1 hour of daylight and no hours of sunshine. Its also too cold and wet to photograph anything outdoors.

I am trying to teach myself lace. I managed the fishtail mits but now find any but the easiest lace pattern really hard, its not something you can do while watching telly! I get easily bored trying to knit scarves so I have decided to treat this as a lace sampler and teach myself lace patterns starting with the easiest one in my book of knitting patterns and working my way up. I hope the finished project still looks nice.

I got an Elizabeth Zimmerman book for Christmas and I have just read it from cover to cover. That's the first knitting book that I have found you can read almost like a novel...she has some weird and wonderful ideas and a great way of chatting to make you laugh and think. I'm not so sure about her patterns. I would like to make the seamless sweater since I do hate to sew. Her cut and sew patterns would be very difficult for me as they seem to assume more than a nodding aquaintace with ordinary sewing techniques. Most of the things she tells you to do I have never even heard of, basting? Anyway back to the seamless sweater, all very well except I can't wear sweaters anymore. I seem to have developed a wool alergy (how ironic for a knitter/crocheter) which is worse around my neck and upper chest. I can only wear cardigans or at a push a jumper with a very deep v neck. I will have to ask my mum when she comes to visit me for my birthday.


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. Hello and Happy New Year! I'd like to see the finished items. It looks nice. I also would like to go back to knitting. I learned the basics last summer but have not knitted an actual useable item. Regarding allergies to wool, I was told that Alpaca yarn does not cause allergic reactions even to people who are allergic to wool. I also have a lot of allergy problems but I think I can use Alpaca yarn because I have petted an Alpaca animal and my allergic reactions were not activated.

  3. Ooooh, it's my yarn :) The lace is looking lovely, and seeing pictures of the wool being knitted up made me smile.

    I've not been in the studio much in the last few weeks but hope to back yarn dyeing very soon. I think I'll be selling online... just trying to get a regular enough decent priced undyed wool supplier sorted.


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