Wednesday, 28 July 2010

To list or not to list

A quiz of sorts, well more of an online poll. I have this bag which has taken me a lot of work to make, partly because I had to correct, not so much a fault as an unexpected side effect of the felting process, I am still learning. Anyway to cut a long story short after so much work and so much expensive pure new wool I'm not sure whether to put it up for sale or not. My daughter said, 'you can't sell it, you would have to charge too much.' I think she may be right. It's almost too nice to part with as well since I really love it. Mind you I don't need more bags, so I guess that leaves saving it for a Christmas/birthday present for someone I really love/like.

Anyway here is the aforementioned object, or at least my attempts to take 'better' photos of the bag, so any thoughts on whether to list it or not and what if anything to charge for it. All comments gratefully received.

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  1. Its gorgeous!! The right buyer would pay what its worth if you don't want to keep it or give it away


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