Sunday, 3 October 2010

Craft Fair Time Again

Yes its that time of year again. From now until boxing day I will probably be too busy to blog. I want to, I always have loads I want to say, I could wafle for ever, but actually getting round to writing it down....well that's a different matter.

Anyway here is a not very good pic of what I am working on at the moment. It's taking ages not least because after I crocheted nearly half of it, I picked it up to do some more and found that my tension was all wrong. I had made the big mistake of not writing down at the start of the project what hook I was using. When it mysteriously went all loose, I assumed I had somehow lost the hook I was using, but no amount of searching would reveal it. Actually I have had it happen that my tension just mysteriously changes half way through a project. As a result I unraveled it all and started again. I am trying to develop an original pattern for a scarf that I can use as a pattern to sell. Making these scarves will take too long for craft fair and online selling, but if I like it I might put it up as a custom item. After this I really will have to get down to making for the 2 craft fairs I have signed up for. One of them is for two days and cost £100!! for the stall, so that is some amount of stuff I will have to sell to cover I mad.!!!

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