Friday, 28 January 2011

Folksy Friday - the power of green

In honor of finally getting one of my new crochet kits listed, (on Etsy, not yet Folksy) I thought I would feature some lovely things in my new colour, olive green. This is actually the only shade of green that I like and it is one of my favourite colours. I looked on the internet for a more interesting name to give my new colour kit. I couldn't find any but I did find out that the shade nearest my wool is called olive drab!! who on earth would want to call a colour that. Especially such a wonderful colour. Then (after I'd posted it on Etsy) I remembered that one of my favourite gem stones is Peridot which is olive green...duh..still I did find Olivine to call it. That is another gemstone and infact Peridot is a kind of Olivine.
So less of the waffle here are the picks.


A sweet book thong to start with available here

And of course my own media, I really like the big knit pattern and the misty shade

 And then sticking with fabric a gorgeous bag, no, no I have too many bags..sigh..

 Click here

And here is some beautiful jewellery...

And last but not least an example of that lovely stone..


  1. Gorgeous, I love green, all shades of green, it makes me feel very calm, beautiful choices

  2. Lovely items, especially the beanie hat - just what I need at the moment!

    Katie @ The Green Feather x

  3. More lovely and delicious greens. Great choices and as said above, such a calming colour.

    Natalie x

  4. Thank you so much for including my ring - I have spread the word a bit on FB xx


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