Tuesday, 28 February 2012


And now for a complete change of subject. As well as knitting and crochet I also enjoy cooking and of course eating. So this year I thought I would try a little fun baking with a bit of a challenge. I received my free Good Food calender in the last magazine of the year. In it were 12 tasty looking baking recipes so I decided to cook each one in the appropriate month.

I've already tried January's but I thought it would be nice to document my attempts on this blog. So I'm starting with February. Unfortunately I can't find this recipe online so there is only a scan,  One of the things about the way I cook and bake is that I tend to tweak every recipe, actually its much the same with crochet and knit patterns, adding a bit there or leaving out ingredients that I don't have or don't like. So this time I decided to try to stick to the letter of the recipe if I could. So this is February's recipe for Passion fruit cupcakes.

And these pics show my effort. For me who has almost never done piping I think they were pretty good. Very tasty if very rich. I don't think I would do the apricot jam bit, it makes them just tip over the edge of being too sweet, and coming from me that means they were really sweet. Also there is no information about how to prepare the passion fruit. They were hard to get hold of and when I followed Delia's instruction for preparing the fruit I tried to sieve them to get rid of most of the seeds. Doing that produced passion juice, still I used the juice and the recipe worked.

Altogether a fun project, just pop back in March for month two


  1. Mmm they look delicious! Your plan has given me inspiration to try a new recipe each month. I'm ok at baking but not confident about cooking so I will probably try some main course recipes. If I'm successful, I'll blog about it :) Thanks, Maggie xx

    1. Hi, thanks for that. Send me a link to your recipe blog and I'll follow


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