Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lemon Victoria Sponge with Strawberries

June - Half Way through the calendar cooking challenge

For those joining me for the first time on my new Website. This blog is usually about crochet, but its also my outlet for anything else. I do the occasional Folksy Friday here and this challenge. I received my free Christmas calendar from Good Food Magazine and I was so taken with the theme which was all about baking, my favourite cooking, that I decided to try and make every recipe in the month they were pictured at. Also to add to the challenge aspect I decided to try as much as possible to follow the recipe exactly. Usually I tweak and twist every recipe until sometimes they are unrecognisable, so restricing myself to doing them exactly was definitely a challenge.

I would say this is my best one yet..I still can't get my sponges to rise as much as in the pics. I've read loads of books and taken lots of advice, but this certainly tasted delicious and looked good.

 The trouble is I don't really like the sound of next  months recipe so I don't know if i want to cook it. But a challenge is a challenge even if its one I've set myself and no one else cares how I bake. Well apart from my guinea pigs, sorry

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