Thursday, 1 October 2009

First Look

This is the beret I have been working on, just finished it, luckily with yarn to spare!

This is the first look, I will be posting it on Etsy soon, I think. See it was going to be a set, gloves, scarf and hat..Ah well, perhaps no one likes sets anyway.

No Knitter Knatter this week, sorry about that, we are a bit short staffed and we have a big do on so it's all hands to the pump.

Things on the craft fair front are going well. I have seen some lovely stuff and emailed some really nice people. I can't wait to meet them all and establish some more crafty connections.

I have a business fan page on Facebook now, this is the link. If you would be my fan.

Shooz, I need to contact you viz a viz the craft fair, please go to my folksy or etsy site and send me a message. Or read my comment on the same post that you commented on. Err I hope that makes sense.

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  1. I love purple berets but I don't think they suit me. I just admire them :-)


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