Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cat Physics

Well there I was feeling all sorry for myself and at a loss when I found these great pics of my daughters brilliant cooking. She designed and made this herself with only a bit of help from me. Anyway I thought I would share these with you. I love it when my daughters are creative.

No pics of projects cause I haven't been doig much crochet and absolutely no knitting...well I've done some more pairs of gloves but they just look like all the others. Been using Rowan pure wool 4 ply in anticipation of the autumn. Then I need to photo the new ones, re-photo the old ones, make labels for the kits and photo them.....then start posting in earnest for the coming season. I also want to start making some gem stone stitch markers.

The trouble is I just don't feel like doing any of this stuff. It is hard in the summer holidays for me to get a lot done but I set myself what I hoped would be a few achievable goals ie the above. Then not going to start listing till mid-September. But....just can't get down to even that. I am only one pair of gloves away from making all the gloves I want to at the moment but I can't seem to face even the thought of doing the other stuff. Having to get someone else to photo me in the gloves just seems to make it that bit more complicated even though hubby has kindly offered.

Why can't I just get on with it........ah well. 

Got me an iphone 4. The theory being that I will do more social networking. But....having real trouble getting the bloody thing connected as a phone. So far worlds most expensive hand held games my daughter's enjoying playing Cat Physics.

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