Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Autumn relaunch

So finally got the autumn relaunch under way. I'm trying to post an item every day. I've got the photos and made more stuff. But adjusting each photo and cropping and then posting on Folksy and Etsy takes time. I've made more stuff as well but then I have to get it photographed.

These are my autumn coloured gloves. Funny story behind those...I bought a whole load of yarn at the John Lewis sale, but it was all pink and purple so I grabbed these few balls of burnt orange stuff. I didn't even like the colour. But now that its autumn I do like it and it fits in well with the season. I've been featured in three Etsy Treasuries which is nice, two on the same day!!! all of them themed around colour. My yellow gloves, my orange gloves and of course the burnt orange. So suddenly I'm in fashion and it was mostly just an accident. Serendipity in fact. Mind you still haven't actually sold anything but it was really nice to be featured and gave me a happy glow all day. Now I have to think of more autumn colours and wonder what to do with the pink and purple...any thoughts on colours for autumn all suggestions seriously considered. I just don't do warm colours much and I don't think I'm very good with them.

If I have the time I'd like to do another Folksy Friday and I would really like to do a treasury but I've read all about doing one and it seems really posting stuff every day is taking all my time.

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  1. And now featured in two treasuries, the fact that I named them pumpkin soup might have helped. Thanks to my daughter for that idea, inspired!


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