Saturday, 9 April 2011

Folksy Friday - April Show-ers

Oops sorry this is late. I got distracted yesterday by the sunshine and took youngest to the Lido and then we sat in the park chatting to a friend of mine. It was a lovely afternoon/evening but after that I was too tired to do anything but eat dinner and fall asleep to a DVD..

This week I am highlighting the lovely peeps in April Show-ers. This is a forum thread in Folksy forums. People try to list at least one thing everyday and then they post their items in the forum and look at other people's listings. We also celebrate sales. I can report that I have had two sales so far in April and one was for two is that two or three..who knows, whatever, its great anyway.

So enough of Waffle on to the first item.

I love Fuchsias and these gorgeous colours..reminds me of a lovely holiday in Connemara. Please click here to see these at folksy. These were listed hot off the press

The rest of my selections were posted over the last few

This ladybird baby suit is just too too cute, almost (but not quite) makes my want to have a little baby again. View it in situ here

Here is another blast from my past, Snoopy..I used to love Peanuts so much. Actually I do still like them..just too big a part of my childhood to let go of...

Please have a look at it here.

And here is my own craft being used in a different way. These cards look very lovely and very springy.
You can view them here

and...last but not least, sometimes I list things in this blog theme that I might want to buy, infact I did buy the peridot ring. So here is something I've already bought. It is beautiful and soft and generally lovely altogether. I can recommend this seller, great service and communication and a brilliant item.
I don't think you can view it as it has been sold, but you can look at her other items here.

Well that's all from me. Enjoy the weekend..


  1. Wow thanks so much for including my Peanuts Easter mini tote in your selections!


  2. Thank you for featuring my coffee cosy, hope you enjoy using it :-)

  3. hullo...thank you so much for featuring Sophie's Stuff and im so sorry about the delay in finding your blog.

    what a great selection, the cafetiere cosy is almost enought to make me start drinking coffee just so that i have an excuse to buy one too! :oO



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