Friday, 1 April 2011

Foolish Folksy Friday

Wow, how did it get to be that time of year, three months gone already..and not much to show for it. I've joined a new thread on Folksy...the April Show-ers. I'm going to be trying to post at least one item a day for the month of April. I saw where some posters were using people from April Show-ers to be their Folksy Friday. I will be doing that in future if I can find stuff that fits whatever hair brained search criteria I come up with.

This Friday though in honour of April Fools day here are some funny Folksy Folk. I adore this sign which can be found here

This is me in the morning...not worth talking to until I've had my tea or coffee and perhaps breakfast as well...what would I have for breakfast..
Fried eggs of course. I know these earrings weren't listed as funny but they look so much like fried eggs. I love them to bits so I hope the maker won't be offended. Please look for her here

And if you spill some of that yolk you might still need a bib,(I should probably have one, I'm not a much neater eater than I was when I was a baby!!) How about this great personalised one. Available here

Who could resist these lovely mitts, check the site out here

finally here's something that also fits me to a tee...sigh...but at least my husband still thinks I'm hot....well occasionally..

Please have a look at this here...tha...tha...thats all folks


  1. The mittens are so.. cute!!

  2. Awww! Great finds. I bought one of Vic's bibs for a friend. They're great.
    Loving the mitts. They look like lions to me


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