Thursday, 26 May 2011

Appreciation Photos

Blogger seems to have been broken for the last week or so, wouldn't let me sign in to my own account..what gives? Anyway here's hoping that it works now..Its Thursday and its pouring with rain, we really need the rain here in London but why does it immediately start flooding? No doubt some deeply complicated thing to do with too dry ground or something. Tonight I have a knit meeting in a pub, we are trying to knit the Clapton Mile. Its for the Clapton Festival which is happening on the weekend of the 11th and 12th June. I'm also going to be doing another craft fair as part of that festival, I know after Sutton House I vowed never to do another craft fair as long as I lived..I must be a glutton for punishment. Also, spring/summer is not the best time to sell crochet, but it's making me make my kits up so then if I get it together I should have some stuff to photograph and post. And...all this when I'm going away for the weekend before and the deadline for the wedding shawl is fast approaching.
Next time I blog I will do some update pics of the wedding shawl. Meanwhile here are three lovely customer appreciation photos from the equally lovely DancingRainbows. I can't post them in Etsy because it only lets you post about specific transactions and these gloves were in fact won by my fan for my 500th FB fans landmark giveaway.

So keep a watch out for future giveaways, also I see I have nearly 100 followers on here so perhaps there will be a giveaway here too.

So once again, thanks DancingRainbows.

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