Saturday, 18 June 2011

New Yarn Shops

So much to write and so little brain to do it with, also one less finger working well,. due to a wasp or bee sting. I don't even know which bugger it was...summer don't you just love it.

Anyway on with the stuff. First of all number one in my new quest to visit, photo and buy something from every yarn shop in every place I visit. What would be a good name for this quest? All suggestions gratefully received.

This is the yarn shop in Lueven, Belgium where my hubby and I went for a weekend to celebrate our 10th Wedding aniversary and his 50th birthday.

The flipping thing was shut on a Monday! can you believe that? I can understand shut on a Sunday, (which it was as well) but a Monday!! So I couldn't buy anything but I took these photo's anyway.

It looked like a really nice yarn shop too....

Craft fair photos: This was a stall I shared with my friend. It was pretty dire for both of us. I just about covered my stall hire costs but  not my time or coffee and cake bill. For some reason doing a stall makes me nervous and anxious and I eat more when I'm nervous and anxious. Two cakes, one curry and two cappocinos...not good for the figure or the pocket.  I think I was trying to reward myself for the dissapointment of not doing well.  The organisers want to make it a weekly affair. The actual market was lovely and its soo close to where we live...but if I do that badly on the last one would it be a good idea to do a regular stall? Hubby popped in too visit this morning and said there were not nearly so many stalls. Perhaps it is a good idea to get in on the ground floor of what might prove to be a popular venue, I would get regular customers and hopefully some commission orders. On the negative I could waste a lot of money and time and I would lose my lovely lazy Saturday mornings..please guys I really would like some of your thoughts.

COMPETITION:...Announcing my 600 fans competition, please comment on my blog, I really would appreciate an actual comment about some of my posts rather than just, 'I'm commenting' anyway, if you are a follower of this blog then please mention that in the comment and you will get two entries. If you are not a follower you will also get an extra entry if you follow my blog as well. You will have to mention that in your comment.  At the close of the competition, (which is July 18th, midnight BST, ) I will pick a random name out of my large organza bag and that person will win either an iPhone sock, a coffee cosy or a mini kit for one of those two. Sorry no gloves. I am saving these for a really big number now, cause I don't have many left.

Bonus - if you are follower number 100 you will also win one of these prizes or even two if you are follower number 100 and get picked!!

Happy commenting...


  1. This is a test comment.

    Mind you regarding the shop that was closed, in the UK it was always the habit to have one day in the working week when a shop would be closed for a half or a full day.

  2. Yeah but it was usually Thursday or Wednesday and almost only for half a day. A lot of shops round my way now open on Sunday and then shut Monday. But in Lueven loads of shops were shut Sunday and Monday!!

  3. I like the picture of the shop window in Belgium - a pity it was closed! And I like the shawl but it would be better in purple!

  4. Everything's better in

  5. "yarnQuest" would be a good title for your yarn related activities. :)

  6. Hi, thanks Zoe, yes it would. I actually went round five yarn shops in one day, but all in London. I didn't have the nerve to ask them if I could take their picture...ah well


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