Monday, 1 August 2011

Socks and Wedding Shawls

Well the wedding shawl was finished in the nick of time and delivered. I've been waiting for some of the wedding pics so I can show it at it's best but I haven't heard anything from the bride so I will just post the pics that I took, indoors and not very good. I got paid £50.00 which is what the materials cost. My fault, I offered. I don't think I realised how much work it would be. On the other hand I did actually enjoy doing it and I've learnt quite a bit about crochet lace, good to have to work to a deadline as well. I wasn't even invited to the wedding!!

This is one end...

This is the middle....

And here's the other was 72 inches long, a tad too long for short armed people like me and it turned out the bride. The one thing that didn't occure to me was whether it was the right size. A shawl you say how can that not fit? Well the little matter of it buttoning up to become a shrug the very thing that attracted me to the pattern in the first place, when done up it was a little too long. I was quite upset and worried and I still don't know what it looked like at the actual this space.

These are some socks drying...I love the fact that these are all socks and feet socks. I'm pretty pleased with them all and I'm currently posting the iPhone socks on Folksy and Etsy. Since they are all made of natural fibers I am able to gently wash and block them to shape, even for something as humble as a gadget sock it makes a big difference.

These are only the second pair of socks I have finished, these are for me mostly because they were another experiment. These were knitted at the same time using 2 circular needles. I like this technique but I don't really like the other patterns in the book so now I'm going to be making lace socks for the first time and using a pattern for 4 dpns and adjusting it to be used on two circular needles.  And to top it all this will only be my 3rd pair of socks...nothing like setting yourself a challenge.

Watch this space for how I get on.


  1. Hi! I like the wedding shawl! It's very pretty. I'm sure the bride appreciates it.

  2. ah...thank you Zoe..I hope she did, I haven't seen her since


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