Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Crochet and Daffodils

Yes, here they are, my favourite hobby and some of my favourite flowers. At last some sign of spring. I didn't plant any of these, they just popped up. Every time I see them they make me happy. And look at the sunshine! Of course it's grey and cloudy now....but it will shine again.

This is Robin - three colours green cushion cover. It is two sided and now you can see the effectiveness of that new stitch. I've started work on the scarf which looks lovely and finally I might use up that hand spun lace weight.

Tomorrow I'm off to a crochet meet up. Well I say I am, I might be put off by rain or sheer terror at meeting and mingling with strangers, I will report on whether I made it or not. On Saturday I went to the stitch and craft show at Olympia, London. I was not that impressed, I've been to much better but I still spent too much money...now I have large quantities of cotton, none of it organic or fair trade so I feel bad about it all. I was going to stick to only organic or fair trade cotton because of the terrible costs of producing cotton, both to the environment and to the people who grow it. Then I realised that almost everything we wear, sleep in, have on our floors and soft furnishings are made of cotton, and I can't afford to replace all of that stuff with organic and/or fair trade stuff, so the crochet would be a drop in the ocean...ah well.

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  1. Hi Thanks for following me! I love your crochet I'm just teaching myself but don't think I will ever be this good.

    Just off to check out your Folksy store



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