Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nearly finished my cushion cover

Yes I've nearly finished my cushion cover, so I almost have something new to share! In the meantime I thought I'd big up some fellow folksy sellers. Folksy is the english equivalent of etsy and has some lovely stuff so if you are in the States but can wait a bit of time for delivery and pay a bit more in postage you may find yourself a bargain.

In fact you could bag yourself a bargain. (Sorry for the awful pun) with this lovely bag, well I snapped it up, but she has a similar one and if she sells it she might make some more. Its a knitting bag with wooden handles that can come apart to make a pair of knitting needles. I've had it just two days now and its already my favourite bag. And at less than £15.00 its a steal, sooner or later she will realise that she should be selling these in Liberty's for £80.00 buy soon. Here is her shop.

More favourite folksians soon. And hopefully some crochet soon.


  1. Hi, I have just officially accepted your Sunshine Award!

    Helen x

  2. Yes Drue got her bag in this gorgeous material, I'm making more bags like this in different materials and I also have a mega sized one with even bigger knitting pins.
    I love those glove's Drue!


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