Saturday, 3 April 2010

Comments Please

Hi peeps. A big thank you to all my fans, now on to the big 50. I faced that terrifying event myself some time ago. Still here and just about healthy and happy.

In order to get there (50 fans that is, not another birthday) I will be doing my first giveaway, not quite sure what yet, I think it will be the lovely lace scarf that I am still crocheting. As soon as I finish it I will post pics. I should be doing my craft fair stuff but I think I will start those after my holiday, off to sunny Barcelona.

Anyway none of those complicated things I see on some people's blogs, not least because I don't even understand them. I really like getting positive and interesting comments, and these seem to have tailed off you have to do to be entered in my give away is follow me if you haven't allready and leave a nice comment. You can just say, 'following you, here's my blog link' if you want. If you are already a follower then please leave a comment, anyone who comments after this post will be entered. To get you started as I haven't finished anything to comment on, how about a question. Do you believe in the myth of the boyfriend jumper? all comments and stories appreciated. I made my only boyfriend jumper and we did split up, but it was a year later and I left him, he wore that jumper till it fell apart, Ahhh


  1. What no comments yet?

    I'll be first then shall I?

    I have not made my boyfriend a jumper, because he squirmed when I even suggested it once upon a time. I did make him an iphone earphone storage whale and that went down well, but I wouldn't want to push my luck too far.

    By the by, I've been doing a little more dyeing and testing. The yarn you bought shouldn't be left in direct sunlight for too long :/ Currently testing turtle bean dyed yarns :)

  2. Thank you Shooz, it looks like so far you are the only one in the running to win your own yarn back again, albeit in a different state. :)

  3. hmmm, you haven't made me a jumper yet - I should probably be grateful though...


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