Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Orange you glad

Orange you glad that summer is almost here, and I was inspired by lovely sorbet icecream colours, actually I went a bit mad and bought loads of summer cotton in orange, pink and yellow. Haven't done enough with them yet but here is the first of my summer berets. I love orange, it doesn't love me, I can't wear it at all but I love to work with it. My favourite gemstone I ever saw was a beautiful fire orange garnet that I can't remember the exact name of and that I have never seen again, but I have lusted after it for nigh on ten years. I thought I'd try a variation of the shell pattern I used for my highly successful gloves, it was hard to translate from tube to circle but I'm quite pleased with the result, next I will try one more like the shell scarf, with a row of shells, then a mesh row, this shows off the shell pattern well and makes it lacier and lighter. I made a lovely one at xmas but lost the pattern in my great big bag on bus disaster, (see earlier posting).

As ever I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. Thank you for the supportive comment. & I never thought of it, maybe it was just the breed that made him get worse.
    His mom has always had a cat but he was able to deal with it, and now that you mentioned it her cat is a completely different breed then our cats are.

  2. I like this orange beret, you used a shell pattern? It would be lovely with matching scarf to wear in the fall when its just a bit chilly.


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