Friday, 30 April 2010

Folksy Friday

I saw another folksy friday featuring suns so I thought of clouds as a theme since we are not having much sun at the moment.

These funny funky earrings are from Fluffsstufs

This sweet girls dress is from Angelic Folk

A lovely cuddly baby blanket from Topsie

A truly original art jewellery piece from Gimme That Thing

And Finally, these totally adorable cats from Quernus Crafts

A big thank you to the people who contacted me and helped me to sort out how to get my photos right. It's working now, so thanks again for the help


  1. ahhhh look at theme wee cats, too cute!! great picks! x

  2. What a great theme thank you so muchf or including me :0)

  3. Ooh, art jewellery. I like that description. Many thanks for featuring my ceramic brooch.


  4. What a lovely collection! Thanks so much for featuring my wee Rainbow Cats! I love Fluffstuff's earrings :)

    Kirsten x


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