Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Craft Fair Alert

Come one, come all to this lovely Craft Fair, well I hope it will be lovely. It will have my stuff in it so of course it will be lovely. Actually I haven't got that much made, oops. And I've just taken on some extra hours at work for a few weeks...

So if I do get some stuff made, this will be a great craft fair. Lol. I will post again about whether I made enough and hopefully put some pics up after it.


  1. Wishing you all the best on 31st hope you sell a nice lot.only 50p entrance thats good should get lots of customers.I will think of you if you think of me I will be in the open air at the Harwell Feast show.on the same day selling a nice lot too!!!
    I am following now

  2. Hope you sell a nice lot on 31st.Only 50p entrance that is very good should get loads of customers.
    I will think of you if you will think of me,I will be in my gazebo at the Harwell Feast Festival.on the same day,selling a nice lot too!!!
    I am now following you

  3. Hello
    It was nice meeting you and seeing your work yesterday. I have emailed you the yarn details and I will be checking your blog out when i can!


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