Saturday, 8 May 2010

Folksy Friday - bears

Yes I know it's Saturday but yesterday I was just too tired so here it is just a day late. I'm enjoying this browsing through Folksy, lots of great things that I'm trying to resist buying. I've been ordering on Etsy, the trouble is the postage so I really must buy on Folksy again even though it is lovely stuff that I should be getting soon.

This is the first one - knitted teddy bears, this is why I picked bears because daughter number two wants me to crochet her a teddy bear, I suppose I should look for crochet bears...if they are cheap enough perhaps I could buy one instead of having to make one!! These are from Hennies Nimbleneedles.

And here they are although I don't think this is what my daughter had in mind they are very cute. They are from Legyviel in Rivendell and can be found here

I love these bears, these badges are just the sort of thing my other daughter would love, she collects button badges. They are from 'asking for trouble' and can be found here

Just to show you that bears turn up everywhere here they are on this amazing funky bracelet by Jelly Belly Jewellery,

On this adorable mini gardening bag by sew sew lovely,

And on this mini painting, too sweet, (do you get the impression I like mini things?) from Sophie Green Mini Art.

Hope you like my selection for this week. Please drop by and leave a comment.


  1. Thank you so much for including my wedding bears on your blog.I am in really good company.xx

  2. What a lovely blog, I love teddy bears x


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