Sunday, 20 June 2010

Folksy Friday, well I know it's Sunday...

OK I know it's too tired on Friday and Sunday but really wanted to do one this without further ado.

 Here is the first of my cake themed collection, probably because I am trying to do my accounts and I am bored and my thoughts turn to cake, but to save calories I thought I would collect calorie free options...This one is from Wooly Duck (Great name!) and can be seen here

These are from Funky Fragrances. They are melts that you put in a burner and then give off a lovely scent the list of scents sounds lucious. Smell them here

These beauties can be put on your wall so you are always reminded of cake...Ahh so much temptation..View them here

And if you're away from home but never wanted to be parted from cake, you can buy this absolutely gorgeous ring here from Cream Teas Jewellery

Finally back to my favourite material, yarn with this fantastic knitted tea set, serve it at your next gathering..(after everyone looks perplexed you can serve real cake, or just save it for yourself!!), click on the picture for the link.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I love the scarf. When the weather cools down a bit I will put it on my blog. May be September x


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