Thursday, 3 June 2010

Craft Fair

Back from the craft fair. It wasn't that good, no one came and I only sold to the other stall holders! Despite that I came back full of hope and enthusiasm having met lots of lovely crafters. I was going to post some of their links here but I've gone and lost the business cards I saved. I've been having one of those days. The weather is lovley and sunny and I really don't want to be on the computer but I really must do some of this.

I have one link I've managed to rescue. This lovely lady had the stall next to me. She is selling hand dyed and printed scarfs, they are very nice and I really should have bought one, especially since they were cheaper on the stall, but still a good price here on folksy.

Also I would like to mention some of the other stall holders I didn't manage to get business cards from. The woman selling beautiful hand made dresses and cosmetics. She was my biggest fan and bought three things from me. If you took my business card then please get in touch. I bought two pairs of earrings from a couple selling dichloric glass jewellery but  I don't have a link from then either. Craft fair tip here, give every customer a business card, I forget as well. I still enjoy craft fairs and if anyone knows of any coming up near me then please let me know.

Watch this space for a revamped Etsy and Folksy. Something has gone wrong with my Etsy shop and this has stopped me listing stuff. As a result any contacts I might have made at the craft fair will be for nought if they go to look at my shop....nothing there.

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  1. I love meeting fellow crafters in reall life and online! Glad you had fun and never mind about the poor attendance- fellow crafters thought your work is amazing!!
    Hope you covered your costs.


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