Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Great Clapton Scarf Disaster

Here is my lovely ruffle scarf, or at least it would be if it had worked out! I started out with one pattern that I wanted to change, decided I didn't like it and restarted with a mixture gleaned from free patterns on the internet. After nearly finishing the lilac border I realised I wouldn't have enough yarn so I frogged that row (that's knitter speak for unraveling) and started it again. After about 200 stitches I found that even with the revised row there still wasn't enough yarn. At that point I gave up and cut off the first bit of the darker purple rows and tied/sewed up the resulting mess. Not good enough to sell but now what do I do with it, use it myself, I have tons of scarfs! Or recycle the yarn which is getting desperately bitty after frequent frogging. Ah well I suppose it's a learning experience.


  1. I love the colors. Very pretty. What about donating it to a shelter, place for abused women or something? Anyone would love to have it, I'm sure.

  2. Yes that probably would be a good idea, I work in a charity shop so I could donate it there. Don't know of any shelters near me.

  3. I think it is pretty just the way it looks. I've seen ruffled scarves similar to this. No one will probably notice that the scarf was meant to be something else unless they're told. I like unintentional creative results. I thrive on such.

    Happy Crocheting,



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