Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why do children love the autumn?

Yes it's true as the chilly breezes start to blow and the first of the leaves fall my children get really excited despite the fact that last Saturday was stonkingly hot nothing deters them from there conviction that autumn is on its way.

Why do they like it so. I can just about remember going back to school in september, kicking the leaves aside on my way home and counting the days till christmas. I loved winter too, as do my children, my teenager even did when he was younger. (I don't know what he thinks nowadays, he doesn't talk to me anymore).

Yet us adults always bemoan the colder days and longer nights. I am torn in two over autumn. Part of me remembers the childhood happiness and also I feel renewed in autumn. The kids are back at school, I have time to myself. For knitters and crocheters this is the best time of year we can go back to lovely warm and cozy yarns and plan and make all our pressies and things to sell for the holiday season.

On the other hand I too find myself getting depressed as the nights draw in and I dread the cold which grinds me to a halt. I think about the dead time of winter, January and February when nothing can cheer me up.

We should be more like our children, they seem to be natural optimists so perhaps if we remember our own childhood or look to our kids we can view autumn in a better light.

Don't worry my next post will be about crochet, or even..knitting.. On that subject I have posted those gloves and the patterns for them on etsy and folksy so please check them out, you can use the links at the top of the page.

P.S hope you like my picture of clapton pond!!

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  1. i luv crunchy leaves. i really enjoyed walking down cotesbach road, making a racket.
    big kid at heart.
    p.s. you need woolly vests.


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