Sunday, 7 February 2010

Cold Snap on the way - official!!

Yes apparently the big freeze is coming back. I hope it is, I love the snow, even though I ended up getting caught up in all the worry last month because I was waiting for my mum to come over on a plane. When we were younger her and me used to love walking in the snow and laughing at all the worried people and nervous walkers. Even though she is in her mid 70's now and I worry about her slipping in the snow I don't think she does so much. Coming from Idaho as she did, whenever it snowed and everything ground to a halt she uses to say. "Snow, call this snow! when I was a child we would regularly have to climb out of our first floor window and dig out the door." That sounded so exciting to me when I was a child and I used to dream of such a big snow.

Over in the east coast of the states they are having a real big snow, no doubt if it snows at all here it will be a few inches and everyone will complain. Not me, bring it on!! This year I have noticed that I think I prefer the winter to the summer. Spring and Autumn aren't too bad but hot sticky summers in the heat of the city, no thanks. I love the way snow transforms the landscape and the drab and dirty streets. Just after the snow falls is the only time you could call Hackney beautiful, I know it does have some lovely places but the snow transforms even the council estates and dodgy high streets. Also for a crocheter/knitter there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with the latest project, wearing my creations and dreaming of all the things I want to make. Summer and yarn arts just don't go together that well, even though I try (see my first post here).

I've been making clothes for dolls for my daughter, as soon as she lets me I will post some pics. So in the meantime this is a photo I took a year ago, didn't take any photo's in the snow this year, don't know why.

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