Tuesday, 9 February 2010

HI, I hope you like my new background.

So here are the shoes I crocheted for Emily's doll, sorry Sarah. She is Emily's oldest companion and she's had her for so long that her shoes which were just patterned fabric have worn off. I'm very pleased with this effort as I worked out how to do them myself. I have a rough written pattern and if anybody wants it I will try and work it out so that it is intelligible to others and post it here. I had a look at posting patterns on Ravellery but it seemed immensely complicated and I just couldn't get my brain round it. I think technology is getting the better of me.

Got a new background, I found the link on one of the blogs that I follow, thanks for that, I am Not a Volcano. I knitted Sarah's jumper as well, many years ago in the dry period between the 80's and a few years ago, when I didn't knit or crochet. I guess I must have done some. I did use crochet to help me give up smoking but I don't think I made anything, just frantically crocheted to keep my hands occupied.

I've made a lovely skirt for Sarah as well and a beret for a doll that my daughter has made for one of her school friends. When she is fully dressed I can use a picture of her.

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  1. Love the background! And I would sosososo love to see a pattern for the booties. What size are they? Could one modify them to fit a newborn, do you think?


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