Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sarah's Skirt

Well here it is. I am very pleased with this, very quick and easy but very effective. I made this in a lovely alpaca and silk mix 4 ply and kid silk haze for the trim. I tried this because I want to make a full size one for me. I thought I would start by doing a 'working model' of course it will be quite different on a full size one but this did help me work some things out. Like why if you make X chain, then work back into it with dc, chain one,miss one chain, dc, to try and make the spaces for the tie, that row is way too tight. I've found out on this that you have to put more chains between the dcs, I don't know why. Its one of life's mysteries and one of the reasons I switched from fiber to metal all those years ago. Metal stays where it's put and does what it's told. Yarn has a bleep bleep life of its own. Lol


  1. Hi Violet,
    Love the skirt and shoes you made for the doll. That is a great idea to use a doll to try out new yarn or crochet stitch. You reminded me that I have old cloth dolls that I designed myself years ago and my husband keep telling me for sometime now that they need new clothes since they had been wearing the same clothes for ages. May be I'll crochet them new clothes. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I would assume that you did not have allergic reactions to alpaca yarn?

    Good luck on your future project.


  2. Hi Zoe thanks for the nice comment. Go for it - dressing your dolls in crochet. I thought it would be too fiddly and annoying but so far it's been quick and fun. It remains to be seen whether I can tolerate Alpaca. I can knit or crochet with wool, just can't wear it, but alpaca is supposed to be non-alergic.

  3. Crochet is the next craft i'd like to conquer! I love knitting but I don't seem to have the concentation to really progress - is crochet any simpler?

    Also thanks so much for commenting on Craft Blog UK I'll make sure you get added to the K & C section - feel free to ask any questions directly via email - the contact details are on the site and you can grab the CBuk badge for your sidebar too - I look forward to hearing from you.

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