Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Finally back to crochet

Ok I seem to have some ideas now, suddenly thought I ought to do something for Valentine's day. These little hearts are something I managed to come up with quickly. Trying to think of things other than hats scarves etc to make. I thought of cushion covers, but can't think of other things. I like bags but they always seem to take so long.

I really am going to start work on a skirt, a long term thing since I want to make my own design and pattern. Then I start to browse books and the internet and see lovely patterns that I want to make....definitely a case of too much yarn and not enough time..but that's another blog!

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  1. Hey! Those are really cute. I'm here to follow your REAL blog from MBC! I have a real one too. Come and see- can't wait to be comment buddies!


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