Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Finally made these for Etsy

I've posted these lovely gloves on etsy. I still seem to enjoy making them even though I've made them loads of times. I started making another pair of them two weeks ago and I was crocheting them at my Knitter Knatter group when one of the women there said she liked them so much that she would buy them when they were finished. So I sold them to her, (mind you she hasn't paid yet!) and had to make another pair (in secret). Glad they are done now, though that is the last of that yarn, I really really love the colour and mercerised cotton is so easy to crochet with. It doesn't split at all unlike most other kinds of cotton. Having read a few things about cotton production I am trying to buy only organic and/or fair trade cotton but I have yet to find any mercerised organic cotton.

I have received a lovely sunshine award, I will post it here when I have compiled my list of 12 other blogs to pass it on to.


  1. Beautiful gloves! I love that bright pink.

  2. Hi- I am following from Mommyafter30.. love the gloves- and the color.. I am 36 and I have finally told the world that I LOVE PINK- all colors of pink rock...

  3. These are really cute!! Also, thanks for your comment on my blog. I am working on a beaded relief painting of St. Mark's Square inspired by my visit to Venice, Italy. Thanks for your interest! :)


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